The best ways to Set Life Goals to Fight Anxiety

It is so hard to understand where we want to go and what we wish to do with our lives. Success can truly only ever take place if we make the right decisions at the right time, however, this is easier stated than done often and it is so difficult to understand which path we need to take even if we know what we want to do. The important things we have, do and see can actually just go under the radar and we simply accept things for how they are and not observe them or drive for anything more. However, by considering our lives; what we have and what we wish to improve on can give us goal and motivation to do it and battle things such as stress and anxiety, low self-confidence and self-confidence issues which are now major elements of contemporary life.

By giving ourselves objectives it focuses us to do what we require, ask for aid and offers a function. Like most of us, for example, we want to lose weight or a minimum of the condition and will constantly discuss it however never actually do it apart from faddy diet plans and a few gym sessions. But by jotting down and speaking of a set date, weight goal and gown size you wish to be it give you a guide and target to follow. Or if you are after that promotion at work speak with your employer and ask what it will take to get it and make an action strategy from the answer you get.

To allow you to set your objectives and make your life better you do have to be self-aware as it helps you to make choices. Think about it if we don’t know how to manage ourselves then how can we manage anything that takes place to us or the things around us? Having stated this there is a possibility that we can become too self-conscious. This might sound silly however it can occur and is perhaps the reason why some or perhaps much of us avoid confidence, as when you know yourself inside and out you can tip over the edge of confidence into arrogance making you impractical. So when you don’t accomplish something you may be affected by it excessive which knocks you heavily. Or, you end up being judgemental which can hold you back as you won’t accept some things for exactly what they are and not take possibilities because of it.

Do not let this put you off though as it’s all about discovering the ideal balance in life which is easy to do when you understand how. Being self-conscious ways that you understand why you believe how you think and why you do the important things you do. You are tuned into your ideas, sensations, and actions so you control your reactions to things and take a rational method to the important things in your life. By having this you will utilize effort to your advantage and go after the things you desire. Anybody can have this too, it’s simply a case of comprehending what it is and ways to use it. Be positive in your choices and balance what you know with exactly what you desire, do not make rash decisions but take action without putting things off too much as this can end in issues. If you say things like ‘oh that can wait until tomorrow’ or ‘do I really need to do that now’ then you are a procrastinator so alter your method of thinking as it can affect every aspect of your day and life in a bad way as you will not act upon those goals.

We all do it, however making excuses why something has actually not been done is unsatisfactory any longer. If you make excuses it does not give you the drive to move on and get the important things you want as you will be aiming to others to give it to you and not yourself. Also being able to accept both the excellent and the bad is so important in developing your life and reaching your objectives. By doing this you stay practical and gives you the capability to make those choices in a clear and calculated method rather than residing in a dream land or an unfavorable world. You truly can do anything you want in life it is just a case of understanding who you are, exactly what you desire and the best ways to get it. Believe in who you are and use this to obtain exactly what you want and grow as an individual, leading a life that is not controlled by anxiety.

Why do People Fail to Achieve Their Goals?

Everybody is curious about success and how to achieve it? Who does not want to be successful? The word itself is gratifying and self-fulfilling. They say that there is no other ingredient to success but determination. Or maybe they only said this because they are at the peak of their career already, and difficulties is far beyond their reach. Perhaps, successful people are only saying great words to inspire others, and gain popularity? People are always fascinated to hear rags to riches stories and another triumph. Some people ask questions about failure. How do you define it? Is there a way to avoid it? Let us find out why people tend to fail to achieve their target, even if they got everything they need to succeed. Let us decipher the failure in a psychological perspective to grasp the essence of human brain activity during tight situations.

Our actions is a reflection of how our brain perceived things internally, and how it responded externally; which radiate into words or actions. Some factors affect how people think and react that includes culture, education, character, belief, hormones, medication, and health and so on. According to psychology, there are four psychological effects which help us to understand why it’s hard for some people to accomplish goals.

• The Pygmalion Effect. Pygmalion is a sculptor in a Greek Mythology who fell in love to one of the statues that he sculpted. The theory is about self-trust and motivation. If you expect great from yourself, then you will do better. But, if you have low expectations with your abilities, your performance will not do well enough. Achievers believed on their skills, and always find motivation in every situation (good or bad), while people who have lack self-trust always find a problem with every solution which leads them to incomplete or unsuccessful tasks.

• The Paradox of Choice. The theory suggests that when a person is caught up in the middle and need to decide something from various options, that person will be more likely to be unsatisfied and regret the decision afterward. Psychologists explained that individuals should learn to sort out things, and eliminate those option that does not give an impact to the problem. In this way, you will have fewer options to choose from that give you a higher chance of getting the right solution to the problem.

• The Spotlight Effect. This theory is about being paranoid whenever a person made a mistake even for a little. Our mind may play tricks on us, especially in times that we did something that might ruin the target. We doubt ourselves and assume that the mistake has a significant impact on people around us which in fact, it was unnoticed. The spotlight effect means do not exaggerate the error. Acknowledging the error will give you freedom from any self-doubt, and boost comfort because you know that the mistake does not have a significant impact compared to what you think.

• The Focusing Effect. The theory is about the dot in a plain white paper. The only thing that people see on that sheet of paper is the dot, disregarding the clean areas of the paper. People tend to fail because they focused their energy on insignificant factors and forgot to see the other angles which far way better than the mistake committed. Psychologists emphasized that in every situation, you have to see the problem in a bird’s eye view to appreciate the other great areas.

A start to figuring out your goals

ach one of us has goals and dreams. However, some are more successful at achieving their goals while others struggle.

In most cases, we are compelled to conclude that those who succeed have a natural talent for success, have the right connections to help them achieve the goals or are just dumb lucky. Sometimes these reasons are valid, but more often than not, people achieve their goals by choosing the right goals in the first place.

If you really want to achieve your goals in life, then you have to choose the right goals that suit you. You ought to appreciate the fact that we are all unique individuals and the goals we set should also reflect that too. Therefore, all you need to do is choose goals that are congruent to your passions, values, strengths as well as your desired lifestyle. Below are a few tenets that will guide you on how to choose the right goal as you usher in a new year 2016.
What Are My Personal Values?

discover-your-goal-netEThe goals you choose ought to be consistent with your values. Regardless of your desires, make sure your values are given the first priority here. Think about what is the most meaningful thing to you. Is it beauty and art, social welfare, self-expression, wealth or compassion? What are the things you hold dearest in your life? Be honest with yourself because this will determine whether you achieve your goals or not. If beauty and art makes you happy, then becoming an art dealer who travels to all parts of the world without worries of any family obligation would be a much more achievable goal than becoming a teacher trying to work her life around her children.
What Are My Strengths and Weaknesses?

When we talk about strengths, we aren’t referring to the skills you posses. Strengths are more or less things you seem to posses naturally. Some people have an incredible mechanical ability, some can solve even the hardest of puzzles and problems while others might be gifted in art. Your strength might lie in your ability to make good judgement or even gain consensus among differing parties. You can figure out what you are good in by taking an inventory of your strengths. After knowing your strengths, choose a goal that utilizes these strengths. On the other hand, if you have a weakness as far as nature, beauty and art is concerned, choosing a goal that lies along that line means choosing a goal where your weakness lies. You ill find it hard to make it, especially when things get tough along the way.

What Am I Passionate About?

If you’ve been doing what you are truly passionate about, you might have realized that you can easily get lost in what you’re doing and time seems to fly so fast. Can’t think of anything you’re passionate about? Take a flashback to when you were ten or so. What did you do during your free time? What did you do after school or after completing your homework? What did you used to do while dinner was being prepared? The fact is that you’ve changed since then, but taking a trip back in time can help you uncover long abandoned and forgotten passions. If you loved to draw and paint, why not be a designer, artist or an illustrator? If you loved taking walks in the woods, why not become a park ranger? It is easier to become successful when doing what you’re passionate about compared to when you’re doing something simply for convenience or for a living.

What Is My Current Situation?

You should also consider your current situation to measure the probability of you achieving your goal by the end of the year. For instance, if your goal means you’ve to spend a sizable amount if money, then ask yourself if you have the money or whether you can source finances elsewhere. If the goal requires you to have practical skills, do you have those skills as we speak? If your goal requires you to sacrifice a lot to achieve it, are you ready and in a position to do so? Although they may seem so obvious, your current situation can either increase or limit your chances of achieving your goals.

What is the True Purpose of Achieving This Goal?

Do you want to achieve the goal because it will help you realize your childhood dreams or simply because your close friend achieved it. Will achieving the goal add meaning and value to your life or will it be just another passing cloud? Consider the true meaning of achieving your goal, the reasons behind it and the effect it will have on your life and those around you. If you find the true purpose of the goal is a good one, then go for it.
“Conclusion -Achievable” goals can be termed as well-thought-out goals. They are goals that match who you are, what you treasure in life, what you do well in and how you want your life to be. If you weren’t sure of how to choose the right goal, I bet you now do. Take your time to consider your values, strengths and weaknesses, passions, current situation as well as the true purpose of achieving the goal. Then choose your goals wisely and success will be yours.

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